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"This CD is a wonderful introduction to the talent and musical poetry of Stephen Holland. His playing can be fiery and full of passion one moment and as subtle as a gentle breeze the next. His voice has that special quality that can bring you to tears or make you smile as though you were talking with a dear old friend. For me he is just that as I've been playing music off and on with this intrepid troubadour since 1977, so clearly we share some formative life history which made it even more fun for me to work with him producing and arranging this new work.
You'll hear how he moves effortlessly from the early American folk blues "Another Man Done Gone" to the sensuous Brazilian groove of "Peixe Vivo", to the Leonard Cohen classic of unwordly love "Susanne" and more. But it is his own compositions that set Stephen apart within this crowded musical world. Listening to "Giving Up " you can hear the unique quality of the musical path this man has taken. The prepared guitar and cyclical pulses of "Rain Is Coming" mixed with his rapid fire poetry conjures up the electricity that vibrates through the air on a humid summer night just before the storm breaks. Add to that the floating dream like lyricism of "The Writer" or of the title track "Find Your Ground" and you begin to get an idea of just how deep Stephen's passion for music really goes. His musical voice resides somewhere between "art" and "folk" music, but whatever you call it, his work is the real deal. Thanks to all of the years of playing with Stephen I've become very familiar with his musical soul, and I hope as you listen to our work here together that you too will discover the artistic magic in his music and poetry."
Mikail Graham, Nevada City, March 2006

Engineered by Bruce Wheelock at Flying Whale Studios
and Emil Borgir at Sweet Hood Music
Artwork by Nika
Photography by BJ Formento and Jay Kuca
Graphics by Lorraine Gervais Design
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mikail Graham
Arrangements by Mikail Graham & Stephen Holland

Stephen Holland
Mikail Graham
Acoustic & Baritone Guitars, Ebow
Acoustic Bass
Pads & Atmospherics

Thanks to Nancy for her love and patience

TRACK LIST (click any highlighted track to hear an excerpt)

Giving Up... 3:35
Find Your Ground... 4:39
Another Man Done Gone... 3:18
Taja-Panema (Foi Boto Sinho)... 2:31
Catch The Wind... 3:27
The Writer... 3:59
I Can Hear The Rainfall... 3:03
Suzanne... 3:50
I Been Waitin'... 2:46
Peixe Vivo... 3:21
You Said, I Say... 3:37
Kareena... 4:34
Shine On You Stars... 3:22
Rain Is Coming... 6:29


Walking to Newcastle
age 10
walking the path by the tracks
through the ties the green grass
pushes past
overhead Buddha clouds
fill the cracks
in a fat blue sky
around Miner’s Hill
an old encampment
buried treasure
rusted soup cans
blue bottle glass
tales from a century
without plastic
below the north embankment
the hollow still in shadow
scent of oakmoss and earth
from the spring rains
across the tracks
yellowgreen islands of algae ringed
by cattails that bob and shimmer
on the surface of a pond
beneath the noonday sun
tiny mirrors at my feet
water collected in the black
pockmarked skin of
creosote tar pulling
upward on trails of vapor
into the sky

for David

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